UST removal site.

UST/LUST Closure

Underground storage tanks (UST) can represent a significant liability to the owner/operator.  Leaking underground storage tanks (LUST) can cause subsurface soil and groundwater contamination.  UST/LUST permanent closure is regulated by federal, state, and local requirements. 

EAC Pacific provides:

> Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis to determine if a release has occurred or to document clean closure.

> Removal of the UST to comply with fire department policy and eliminate future liability.

> Real time monitoring for VOCs.

> Clear and concise written reporting.

> Interfacing with regulators from initial Notification of Intent to Close, to issuance of the No Further Action letter.



8,000 gallon FRP UST.


EAC Pacific

Environmental Assessment and Consulting

10,000 gallon welded steel UST.

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