A borings for  subsurface observation and collecting soil and groundwater samples.

Site Characterization

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

To accurately identify the presence of contamination on a property or to propose a remediation plan for the site, the nature and extent of the contaminant must be identified.  A thorough Phase I ESA will limit the scope of the site characterization to contaminants and locations based on the history of site.    The Phase II Site Characterization will identify the concentration and vertical/horizontal extent of contamination through a regime of  field screening methods and soil/groundwater sampling for laboratory analysis.

EAC Pacific provides:

> Review or completion of the Phase I ESA.

> Development of a site specific sampling plan.

> Field screening methodologies.

> Collection of soil and groundwater samples for laboratory analysis.

> Interpretation of data collected and recommendations for appropriate remedial action (if necessary) based on findings.

> Thorough and concise documentation of activities and findings.

> Interface with government regulators.

Well installed for long-term groundwater or vapor monitoring.


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