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Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

EAC Pacificís standard Phase I Environmental Site Assessment complies with the ASTM E 1527-05 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments, and the USEPAís Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries (40 CFR Part 312).† However, customized ESAs can be developed with the Clientís needs in mind.† Additional services can be included or standard components can be minimized upon the Clientís request.†


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EAC Pacific

Environmental Assessment and Consulting

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EAC Pacificís Phase I ESAs are preferred by our Clients because:


> Our small business provides individualized service and allows a standard or customized project scope.


> Our principal personally completes each ESA exceeding the USEPAís qualification as an Environmental Professional with an advanced degree, industry certification, and 19 years of ESA experience.


> Phase I ESAís are our primary business, not a lost leader to initiate expensive, unwarranted Phase II investigations.† We do not have a yard full of equipment or a staff of engineers to keep busy.


> We do not leave loose ends.† Most recognized environmental conditions (RECs) discovered during the assessment process are resolved by additional research included in EAC Pacificís Phase I.


> No one has more experience in performing environmental due diligence in Hawaii.

Our goal is to get the real estate transaction closed.† Most sites in Hawaii do not need further investigation beyond a thorough Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.† In those rare instances where genuine RECs could represent CERCLA liability or diminish the collateral value of a property, we clearly identify the REC and steps to mitigate the problem.

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